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Select Step


Little Giant Select Step

The heavy duty rated, (Type IA - 300 lbs.) yet lightweight patent-pending Select Step™ can be configured to be used as an A-frame ladder, in the 90 degrees position for walls and tight corners, and on stairs and uneven surfaces as both sides telescope independently. Hanging pictures or changing that impossible light bulb above the stairwell will never be easier.


It has a comfortable standing platform that offers heel-to-toe foot support at the top recommended step. The AirDeck workstation with handrail provides extra stability and eliminates feelings of vertigo while standing at the top of the Select Step, letting you focus on your work for better results and helps you work faster without worrying about losing your balance.



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Select Step 90 degrees ladder

Use the 90 degrees position to work close to walls and tight corners  

Select Step Staircase ladder

Safe to use on stairs and uneven surfaces

Select Step Platform

Comfortable standing platform makes you feel like you are standing on solid ground   Select Step Wide Flared legs Wide flared legs for added stability
Select Step Air Deck Detachable Air Deck to use as work tray and safety handrail   Select Step Tip & Glide Wheels Tip & Glide wheels easily moves the ladder from job to job


The Select Step is available in two models:


Select Step 5-8

Select Step 6-10

Weight capacity

136kg (300 lbs)

Ladder weight



Min A-frame height

1.52m (4')

1.82m (6')

Max. A-frame height

2.43m (8')

3.04m (10')

Storage height

1.55m (5'1")

1.86m (6'1")

Width at base

69cm (27")

83cm (32.5")

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